Saturday, October 20, 2012

Shake off the dust : RePositioning & ReBranding

What happens when you have an up-and-running business but the name doesn't reflect your brand?

Follow the Kentucky Fried Chicken lead. KFC's market shifted from family eating to teenage hip. But consumers still identified Kentucky Fried Chicken with the old image. Rather than dropping the name altogether- an impossibility given factors like customer recognition- they re-positioned it and it became KFC. 

Apple did the same by taking off computers and replacing it with "Think different" to re-position itself as a cool digital life style product company. 

Repositioning and Rebranding keeps a company current, relevant and profitable by shaking off the dust and giving fresh new perspective to its image.

Social Media :

KFC has recently started a series of major social media initiatives across the globe, this is what they are doing in Indian market

Apple : The Apple approach to social media: just ignore it.  This is an intersting article on Apple, which highlights why Apple leverages traditional media over any other strategy. Let's see if they change their strategy in near future